M.A.G.I.S. Teaching at Xavier University

Primer: Xavier University, one of 28 Jesuit Catholic universities in the United States, is part of an educational tradition dating back to 1534 and known for academic excellence and innovation. Magis (pronounced "màh-gis") is Latin for "more" (as in quality) or "better". It is a terrific acronym for the distinctive characteristics of Jesuit education animated at Xavier

Magis - 

High quality pedagogy and learning processes

Attention - 

A recognition of the uniqueness of each student or, as the Jesuits might say-, cura personalis which is Latin for "care of the whole person"

Gifts - 

Faculty are encouraged to promote reflection, discernment, and solidarity with the poor as gifts of the educational heritage

Integrity -

The early Jesuits were first to integrate the liberal arts with professional skills; contemporary Jesuit education also boosts character and ethical development

Service - 

High impact learning is achieved through service and community engagement; as a Jesuit Leader has said,"When the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change." 

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Hard copy classroom resources are available, free of charge, to all Xavier instructors by contacting Dr. Linda Schoenstedt at

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