Conway Institute

Director of Faculty Programs

Mission Academy

  • The Xavier Mission Academy is funded in part by a grant received from the Lilly Fellows Program by the Center for Mission and Identity/Conway Institute for Jesuit Education to support the integration of Xavier's Jesuit Catholic Mission through a Xavier Mission Academy.

Conway Faculty Lunches

  • As the Conway Faculty Fellow, Jennifer Beste is inviting faculty to two lunches to discuss how we as faculty integrate Ignatian Spirituality and values into our teaching.

Ignatian Mentoring Program

  • The Ignatian Mentoring Program (IMP) for faculty started in 2004 with a grant from Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts and is continuing with support from the XU Jesuit Community.

Taking Time to Think

  • The Time to Think Program supported and encouraged mid-career faculty reflection on the three primary spheres of professorial activity (teaching, scholarship, and service) within an Ignatian academic context.

Educating for Justice

  • A generous gift from Robert McDonald, MD '55 has assisted faculty in educating their students to "lead lives of solidarity, service, and success" through innovative opportunities to work in kinship with the underserved.

Discernment Group III

  • The creation of Discernment Group III, an advisory board for the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education, helps achieve the vision of mission building within the academic realm through the coalescing of faculty with a diverse set of skills and life experiences, both personal and professional.

Other Regional and National Opportunities

  • Conferences, retreats, and leadership programs offered through the AJCU, Heartland-Delta Consortium and other associations offer a range of experiences for faculty.