shades-of-x-logo.jpgThe mission of Shades of X Affinity Group shall be to enhance the development and persistence of the Xavier University Nonwhite/Underrepresented community. Shades of X will also work with persons and/or organizations interested in creating and maintaining an environment conducive to racial and ethnic diversity at the university.

Shades of X shall accomplish this through the following objectives:

  1. Inform the Xavier community aware of issues and concerns to the Nonwhite/Underrepresented community.
  2. Ensure that the Nonwhite/Underrepresented community have the opportunity to make the fullest contribution to the mission of the university.
  3. Provide a forum that addresses issues and decisions that affect the Nonwhite/Underrepresented community.
  4. Encourage and promote the professional development and promotion of the entire Nonwhite/Underrepresented community: Promotion, tenure, and general advocacy.
  5. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with various university units, alumni, community groups, and Nonwhite/Underrepresented faculty and staff at other area college and universities as well as other Jesuit institutions.
  6. Educate the University community about all forms of racism and discrimination and multicultural issues.
  7. Aid Human Resources and Admissions in recruiting and retaining African American faculty, staff, and students.
  8. Assist the university with developing an institutional culture, climate, and environment at Xavier University conducive to the optimum growth and development of all its members. Additionally, to assist in the development of an ongoing institutional environmental assessment plan designed to measure the effectiveness of the institutional environment in responding to the needs of all its members and help modify or introduce new assessment instruments as required.

Chairs and Committees:

  • Audrey Calloway, Acting Chair
  • Joya Dillard, Chair, Student Engagement Committee
  • Minnie Catral and Supaporn Kradtrap. Co-Chairs, Professional Development Committee
  • Celeste Goodloe, Chair, Ambassador/Welcome/Socialization Committee
  • Megan Daily, Chair, Social/Event/Networking Committee