Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan


Our Diversity and Inclusion Goals include:

1: Create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive and equitable campus climate.

2: Recruit underrepresented student groups and enhance their retention.

3: Recruit underrepresented faculty and staff and enhance their retention.

4: Promote diversity education, scholarship and culturally responsive teaching.

5: Foster a culture of community engagement.

6: Transform the institutional culture by executing on our commitments and building a culture of accountability.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan














Ad hoc Diversity Recruiting and Hiring Committee (ADHOC DRHC)

The Ad hoc Diversity Recruiting and Hiring Committee (ADHOC DRHC) convened during the Spring Semester of 2018 and reassembled during the Fall Semester to process feedback from initial reviewers. The ADHOC DRHC was a representative group that included faculty and staff across the university, as well as representatives from Human Resources and the Office of Institutional Diversity. It was convened to help to implement Goal 3: Objective 3.1, Strategy 4 of Xavier’s current Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.

 The strategy is “Review and strengthen the importance of diversity and inclusion in the job ad and the expression of diversity in the application process (appropriate for the position). Provide search committees with training to manage implicit bias and strategies for recruiting underrepresented candidates.” The main responsibility of the ADHOC DRHC was to review Xavier’s existing recruiting and hiring procedures in order to recommend enhancements to the process with regard to diversity and inclusion revisions.


Click here to see a copy of the Ad hoc DRHC Recommendations