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First Year Student Documents

Welcome to Xavier University!

The following topics are action items to meet the health requirements at our university.


  1. Student Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver information - mandatory 
  2. Immunization Compliance - mandatory: Xavier University is partnering with Med+Proctor for our immunization compliance and verification process. Currently, the Med+Proctor platform focuses on automating the immunization compliance process for incoming students at colleges and universities. Med+Proctor replaces an inefficient, paper-based process that is extremely outdated and time consuming. Disease outbreaks can happen several times a year on university campuses, so creating a more efficient way to verify immunity before the start of each semester has never been more important.
All new students are expected to have their information uploaded through Med+Proctor by the end of September to avoid having a hold placed on their record at Xavier.


PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR IMMUNIZATION RECORD TO THE UNIVERSITY. Once you have been assigned a Xavier University email address, Visit to register your new account, using your Xavier email address. Follow their instructions for completing this process.