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The office of Xavier University Health Services is staffed and operated TriHealth to offer a full range of Primary and Priority Care services dedicated to the support and wellbeing of our Xavier Community. Our physicians and nurse practitioners are board-certified in Primary Care and Internal Medicine, including specific training and experience in collegiate health.

Health Services are available to support and promote students' overall wellbeing, providing quality outpatient care, including general and preventative medicine, general sick visits, injury evaluation, immunizations, laboratory services, mental and behavioral health services, and much more. We offer a full spectrum of primary care services, including on-site lab and imaging. We provide preventative care - including physicals, health education, physical/mental/and sexual health screenings, and travel consultations.  We also address urgent needs such as infections, injuries, skin conditions, and more complex concerns with same-day appointments.  We can manage chronic illnesses and medication management – including refilling current prescriptions or initiating new medication therapy.  In collaboration with Xavier University, we ensure compliance with university immunization requirements and respond to public health crises that impact our campus community.

The mission of the TriHealth office at Xavier University Health Services is to promote, improve, and advance the university community's health, wellbeing, and overall success. By addressing the health needs of our students, Health Services provides accessible, high-quality, holistic care to support academic success and co-curricular engagement.

The services offered at the health center include, but not limited to:

  • Preventative Care:

    • Annual Wellness Visits
    • Physicals & Health Screenings
      • Sports physical
      • Pre-employment
      • Pre-op
      • Academic program
      • Military and Peace Corp
    • Chronic Condition Management
    • Travel Physical, Screenings, and Education
    • Immunization Administration
      • Including Influenza and COVID-19
    • Health Education
    • Allergy Immunosuppressant Therapy
    • TB Placement and Reading
    • Medication Management
      • Travel Medicine
      • Chronic Medication Refill
      • ADHD
      • Medication Consultation
    • OB/Gyn – next to campus
    • Sports Medicine – next to campus

     Acute Visits – Common Illness or Injury:

    • Sick Visits & Minor Injuries
      • Respiratory infections
      • Urinary tract infections
      • Ear or sinus infection
      • Abdominal pain
      • Migraines/headaches
      • COVID-19/Strep/flu/mono
      • Abscess
    • Minor Skin Conditions
    • Allergic Reactions
    • Gastrointestinal Related Symptoms
    • Sexual and Reproductive Health
      • STI Screening, Testing, and Treatment
      • Sexual and Reproductive Health Education
      • HIV Screening, Education, and PrEP
      • OB/Gyn Referrals
    • X-ray and Lab Services
    • Specialist Referrals

     Behavioral and Mental Health

    • On-site psychiatrist
    • Medication Consultation and Management
    • Mental Health Assessment Integrated Care Model with Behavioral Health Consultants (BHC)


Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Xavier Health Services also provides professional, confidential, and holistic mental healthcare for Xavier students. We work collaboratively with our clinical and campus partners to ensure the achievement of the highest quality of care specific to each individual's needs.

After appropriate evaluation and referral, Xavier Health Services offers an on-site psychiatrist for students through TriHealth.

Through an integrated care model, Behavioral Health Consultants (BHCs) work collaboratively with an XU Health Services Medical Provider in the same office location and often with same-day appointments. Services that a BHC can help manage or work with students on include stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, sleep issues, coping with new medical diagnosis, medication adherence, behavioral changes, relationship stressors, personal identity, and much more…

Xavier Counseling Services and Psychological Services are also available to students free of charge and work as collaborative partners in your care.


Have you ever been at the doctor’s office and thought…

  • I know I could change my habits to improve my health, but I don’t know how to do it.
  • I’ll feel better if I slept more, drank less, lowered my stress.....but I don’t know where to start.  
  • I’d really like to find a way to manage things (e.g., chronic pain, ADHD) in addition to or without medication.
  • There’s more to the story of what brought me to the doctor’s office today…but I’m not sure who to talk to.

Introducing: Behavioral Health Clinician (BHC) Services!

What is a BHC?

  • Mental and behavioral health counselors available as part of primary care services at the HUB
  • Offer 20 to 30 minute sessions
  • Works in the same office as your health care provider
  • Often available the same day you go to the doctor

What can a BHC help with?

  • Stress
  • Mental health issues (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc.)
  • Sleep problems
  • Coping with new and/or difficult medical diagnoses
  • Learning, attention, and memory problems
  • Behavioral changes (diet/exercise, quitting smoking, alcohol use concerns)
  • Family, relationship, friendship issues
  • Stressors related to LGBTQ identity
  • Gender-based /harassment/violence concerns
  • And more… 

How is a BHC visit different from “traditional therapy”?

  • BHCs work with your medical team to address health needs
  • BHCs offer focused help for specific difficulties
  • BHCs do not offer long-term therapy (but will help you find resources if you need them)

Primary Care Services

Primary care services cover a range of prevention, wellness, and treatment for common illnesses. Primary care providers include doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners. They often maintain relationships with you while at Xavier and advise and treat you on various health-related issues. They may also coordinate your care with specialists.

These services include complete physical examinations for various university-related programs or employment purposes and annual maintenance screenings. We also perform labwork, preventive health counseling, and sexual and reproductive health education.

For most insurance plans, appointments for preventive examinations will only be allowed once every 12 months.

Medication Management

Students with prescriptions from home can only have refills provided by Health Services after full consultation with a Xavier University Health Services provider. New medication management consultations require an appointment.

Urgent Health-Related Issues

Urgent Care Medicine is the provision of immediate medical service offering outpatient care for treating acute and chronic illness and injury. Students with urgent health issues who cannot obtain an appointment in a timely fashion will be offered an assessment by a nurse or clinician during Health Services office hours. Depending on the presentation of the complaints, students may be given a same-day appointment or provided home care instructions and offered a next-day appointment. For urgent health issues after business hours, please call the after-hours nurse line at 513 246 7023 and identify yourself as a Xavier University student. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911.

Specialist Referrals

If your condition requires referral to a specialist, Health Services will make an initial assessment and provide an appropriate referral. Examples include OB/Gyn, Dermatology, Gastroenterologists, Surgery, Orthopedic Medicine, Urology, and more.

Pre-Travel Consultation and Immunizations

  • We recommend that all travelers visit their health care provider before international travel to make sure that you are up to date with all of your required vaccinations. For the latest health recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control.
  • The Xavier University Health Services office provides pre-travel consultations with our physicians and nurse practitioners to review health recommendations and to obtain most required immunizations.
  • Students should make the determination about whether their existing health insurance provides adequate coverage to pay for travel immunizations by contacting their insurance provider.
  • Please be advised: appointments fill up quickly due to the high number of traveling students during specific times of the year. Making an appointment 3-4 weeks in advance is highly recommended.