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Immunization Requirements

Important announcement:  Welcome to the incoming Class of 2024, and new Transfer and International students! You will need to have an updated, physician certified immunization record as part of your requirements as a student at Xavier University.  PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR IMMUNIZATION RECORD TO THE UNIVERSITY.  We are excited to be using a new platform through our partnership with Med+Proctor to handle all immunization records and compliance with them. Visit to register your new account, using your Xavier email address.  (Please wait to submit your immunization information until you have been assigned a Xavier email address.) Follow their instructions for completing this process. 

All students must submit the Required Proof of Immunization prior to their first semester on campus. This only needs to be submitted once. Please watch this video for full details about this requirement and the necessary steps needed to reach compliance.

Immunization Requirements

The following vaccines are required for all students taking classes on campus at Xavier University:
  • MMR: Two (2) doses are required at least 28 days apart, where dose 1 was given at 12 months or later, and dose 2 given at least 28 days after the first dose was administered.
  • Meningococcal Conjugate (ACWY): One dose on or after 16th birthday. Please review this brochure regarding Meningococcal A among this student population.
  • Hepatitis B : Three (3) doses of Hepatitis B OR lab report confirming immunity

Xavier University partners with MedProctor for the collection of all immunization records for all new freshman and transfer students. (Students enrolled in only online classes are exempt.) Students must register their Xavier email address at and complete their profile online. Students should take the MedProctor Immunization Certificate to their medical provider to complete the required documentation. Alternatively, students may upload a copy of their complete immunization record, so long as it is signed by their medical provider. MedProctor also provides medical and reasons of conscience waivers for individuals meeting either criteria. These are available for download within the student profile "documents" section.

Students or families with questions about this process are encouraged to contact MedProctor directly, utilizing the "live chat" feature they offer. You may also contact 513-745-3041 with specific questions regarding Xavier requirements.

Students who do not have a "verified" status on file at MedProctor may incur a hold on their ability to schedule for their next semester of classes at Xavier. We encourage all students to upload the required documentation prior to the first day of classes. Students must watch their Xavier email account for important communications regarding their status with MedProctor.

Providing Evidence of Vaccinations

Incoming students are required to provide evidence of vaccinations though the platform at Med+Proctor. There is no charge for this service, though you have the option to purchase a membership which will provide lifetime access to your immunization data that can be shared with others, as you designate.

Step One: Register

Visit Med+Proctor and select register to start a new account. Type in your Xavier University email address to get
started and follow the directions to register and confirm a new account. Please be sure to click "Confirm email address" once registered and you will receive a link via email to confirm your account. Confirm the account as directed.

Step Two: Download

Fill out any required personal, or medical information. Download the required forms and follow the directions provided. If you are uploading a certified copy of immunization records (and not using the form provided by Med+Proctor) please be sure that the record has your provider's office stamp on it, as well as provider's signature.

Step Three: Upload

Log back in to your MedProctor account and upload a copy of your forms. Make sure your forms are complete and legible. You will receive an email confirmation once the forms have been reviewed.

Questions and Support

If you have difficulty using MedProctor, you may contact MedProctor between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. During these hours you can live chat with their support agents directly from their support site or while you are completing your student workflow. This feature is located at the bottom right of the screen on either Med+Proctor site.

You may also email with your issue and this will create a ticket for their support agents to take care of you.

Risks and Benefits of Immunizations

Visit the Center for Disease Control's Vaccine Safety page for information about immunization safety, benefits and risks.  

For questions about immunization exemptions, please contact 513-745-3041