Center for Teaching Excellence

Teaching Mentoring Pairs

Each spring semester, the CTE offers Teaching Mentoring Pairs, the goal of which is to support a culture of reflective teaching at Xavier by encouraging faculty members to observe one another teach and talk about the experience. This program is a counterpart to the Faculty in Residence Program, which runs each fall semester and shares a similar goal. 

Teaching Mentoring Pairs offers an opportunity for every participant to engage in mutual mentoring and to provide and receive formative feedback about teaching practices. 

Program Details

A pair of faculty, each from different academic departments, will observe one another’s classes on two occasions during spring semester. After each set of observations, faculty pairs should meet to discuss their observations, and the CTE will pay for lunch. Faculty can apply individually or together; they may be at similar or at different stages of their careers.

The commitment is minimal: each participant will agree to observe the other teach a class on two separate occasions during the spring semester. The CTE will provide reimbursement for two $30 lunches (one lunch after each pair of class observations), so that the pair can meet twice to discuss what they observed.

Download the spring 2023 application. To confirm your pairing by the end of fall semester, return by December 5. 

We encourage faculty who have signed on to the Persistence Project to consider participating in this program, too. We can pair you with another Project participant if you'd like to observe and discuss how someone else is implementing the activities in their class.