Center for Teaching Excellence

Teaching Mentoring Pairs

Each spring semester, the CTE offers Teaching Mentoring Pairs, which aims to support a culture of reflective teaching at Xavier by encouraging faculty members to observe one another teach and reflect upon the experience. Teaching Mentoring Pairs promote the exchange of teaching methods and encourage faculty to improve as educators. This program is part of Xavier's commitment to strive for excellent and innovative teaching.

Teaching Mentoring Pairs offers each faculty in the pair an opportunity to take on the role of mentor by observing each other's classes and providing formative feedback about their teaching practices.

Program Details

A pair of faculty, each from different academic departments, will observe one another's classes at least once during the spring semester. After class observations, faculty pairs meet to discuss their observations, and the CTE will provide meal tickets for one lunch at the Hoff Dining Hall. Faculty can apply individually or together; faculty who apply individually will be paired by the CTE with another faculty member, based upon criteria they name in their application. Participants may be at similar or at different stages of their careers.

The mentoring process is structured through pre-observation and observation guidelines provided by the CTE.

If you would like to participate in this program in Spring 2024, please sign up here by November 30, 2023.