Center for Teaching Excellence


Attention Xavier students: say thanks to your teachers!

If an instructor at Xavier made an impact on you, please take a minute to express your gratitude. 

You could thank an instructor who...

  • made you excited to come to class
  • created a welcoming, supportive classroom
  • motivated you to succeed
  • helped you through a tough situation

How does it work?

Submit your note using the form below. Address it to your instructor (ex: Dear Professor X), and share details about why you're thankful. You can include your name or send it anonymously. 

Xavier's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) will review your note and email it to your instructor on your behalf. We send notes as written, so make sure to proofread before submitting. The CTE reserves the right not to send submissions that are inappropriate. 


Please email the CTE.

Thank a Professor is now closed for Spring 2024

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