Center for Teaching Excellence

About Us

CTE Mission

The CTE supports Xavier faculty in creating inclusive, collaborative learning environments that challenge our students intellectually, morally, and spiritually to become engaged scholars and citizens. The Center promotes effective teaching that is reflective, engaging, creative, and informed by both pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge.

In supporting this mission, the CTE:

  • reinforces the culture of teaching and learning as central to Xavier's mission;
  • cultivates environments and relationships to build networks and communities of learning and scholarship;
  • provides programs and resources designed to promote pedagogical methods informed by research on teaching and learning;
  • inspires faculty to reflect on their work as well as to share and learn from the experience, diversity, and expertise of their colleagues.
Updated February 2019

Contact Us

The CTE Faculty Lounge and staff offices are located in Conaton Learning Commons, 317-318.  

Photo of Office inside the CLC

Conaton Learning Commons 317-318
Mail Location 1110
3725 St. Francis Xavier Way
Cincinnati, OH 45207-1110
Phone: (513) 745-4279


For general questions about our programming and events, please email or call (513) 745-3475

Or contact our staff directly:

  • Supaporn Kradtap Hartwell, Faculty Director
    Phone: (513) 745-3397
  • Eric Bucher, Faculty Associate
    Phone: (513) 745-3462
  • Nykara Brown, Assistant Diretor
    Phone: (513) 745-2831
  • Tara Koch, Operations Coordinator 
    Phone: (513) 745-3475