Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Fall 2020 Registration

Faculty, the Student Success Center, and others across the university have been preparing and advising for Fall 2020 priority registration for the last month. We recognize the importance of having sufficient preparation, so as a result of moving Spring Break and the end of the term for Spring 2020, we are also going to shift registration for Fall 2020 by a week, as well as several other key dates. The Office of the Registrar will be making these adjustments to the University Calendar in the coming days.

Students already have been assigned their original registration time tickets and the Office of the Registrar will update those time tickets to shift by one week.  The weekday and time of day will not change, they will simply  be shifted forward by one week.  These updates will be completed by the end of the day, Monday, March 16.

  • The start of Fall 2020 priority registration will move from March 23 to March 30 and the start of open registration will move to April 6.
  • Summer 2020 registration will begin on Tuesday, April 14.
  • We will also move the Spring 2020 withdraw date by one week from April 14 to April 21.
  • The official Spring 2020 degree conferral date (which is used on transcripts and diplomas) will be changed from May 8 to May 15.

Please note that with the Spring 2020 semester end date changed by a week, there will be an one-week overlap with our Summer 2020 two-week Intercession (which runs from May 11 – May 22).  This will not be changing and the start dates for the Summer Sessions in 2020 remain the same as previously scheduled.