Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Remote Classes and Instruction

Key Points From Campus Communication

  • Xavier University is extending spring break by one week, and the spring semester will be extended by one week. Remote learning will now begin on Monday, March 23.
  • Course materials will be made available in electronic format for academic classes.
  • Follett has provided detailed instructions for textbook returns at the end of the spring 2020 semester. View the Frequently Asked Questions for information and support.
  • Students who participate in experiential learning programs such as internships, clinicals, and student teaching should work directly with their placement coordinators, chairs or directors, and the college deans' offices for guidance.

Tips from IT

Network and Cell phone connection notice

Network and cell phone connections will be under strain this week due to increased work-at-home activity nationwide. If you are experiencing home network or cell phone performance issues, please contact your internet or cell phone service provider.

Best practices for using Zoom this week

Starting meetings with participants muted will help avoid echoing and crosstalk during discussions. Refraining from using video unless necessary may alleviate extra overhead on your network connection. If you are using your cell phone for audio and experience quality issues, try switching to computer audio instead.

Secure Zoom Sessions

You can take several different actions to secure Zoom meetings. As a host you can set up a (1) unique meeting ID for each meeting, (2) place individuals into waiting rooms and control who is admitted, (3) require a password for your meeting or lock the meeting once it has begun. Simply sign into your Zoom account at Select "Meetings" on the side menu then select "Schedule a New Meeting."

  1. Find "Meeting ID" and select "Generate Automatically" to provide a unique address for the meeting you are scheduling.
  2. Find "Meeting Options" and select "Enable Waiting Room." This allows you to only admit individual in to the room you want to be present.
  3. Under "Meeting Password" and select "Require meeting password" to password protect the meeting. A meeting password will be generated for you to share. Select "copy the invitation" to generate the text to include in the meeting invite. It can be copied to an email or meeting invite.
  4. Finally, once you have everyone in the meeting, you have the option to lock the meeting. Select "Manage Participants" and select "Lock Meeting" from the "More" drop down menu.

It is not necessary to use all of the 4 options listed above. Use the one or combination that works best for you.

Get Tech Help

We are all in an unprecedented situation and appreciate your patience as our Help Desk staff work remotely. If you require assistance, please open a new ticket online at (these links are also located on the Employee and Student hubs). Tickets will be processed in the order received. A large amount of IT staff are supplementing the Help Desk's core staff next week to provide the quickest turnaround possible, given present circumstances.

Conference Now

In addition to Zoom, we encourage you to request a PIN code for Xavier's Conference Now system. Conference Now will provide you with your own personal conference call line to use rather than students calling you directly.

Student Resources

Faculty Resources

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Students can access most recommended tools, including Office365, Zoom or Canvas from a smartphone, tablet or any device that has access to the Internet. If a computer is still required for assignments, contact your instructor. There is a limited supply that can be made available through the end of the semester. If a computer is available, we will contact you when the computer is ready to pick up at the CLC Library circulation desk. To access the Internet, you can go to a public WIFI available in many locations and securely access Office365, Zoom or Canvas if it is not available at your home. Also, check with your local internet provider, many are offering 60-day free internet right now due to COVID-19.

The college assistant/associate deans are available and regularly assist and work with students, faculty members, and program/departments/school advisers and leaders in identifying, facilitating, and approving academic options for students for degree completion. By student college, contact the appropriate assistant/associate dean for assistance – email is the most efficient and timely mode of communication. However, phone conversations can be scheduled as needed.