The FYS Celebration of Student Learning

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Duff Banquet Room at Cintas Center

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**Presenters: plan on arriving at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled presentation time to check in and receive your table assignment.


Time Presenting Partners Presentation Title
7:00 Amanda Citrino, Corinne Nykaza El Salvador: The Place for Encounter, Accompaniment and Change
7:00 Tim Ganshirt St. Francis's and Pope Francis's Metanoia
7:00 Regina Kreuzer A report on the Extinction Rebellion movement
7:00 Fiona Rowan The ongoing political crisis in Venezuela
7:00 Michael O'Connor Civil Disobediance
7:00 Ben Faulkner and Bradley Breunig Immigration Game
7:00 Alex Budzynski and Michael Prebles The Stock Market Game
7:00 Flannery Burke Final Project
7:00 Janie Ferris Remembering Slavery
7:00 Diana Puglielli Slavery
7:00 Kaitlyn Ferrara Final Project
7:00 Eric Filipiak King Lear and Station Eleven Catastrophe
7:00 Eamon Walsh Reason in a Dark Time
7:00 Kevin Miller Source of Morals
7:00 Elizabeth Reitebach Brison and Amery
7:00 Imikan Imo Ukpong Homelessness
7:00 Haley Barta Radical Hope and the Necessity of Home
7:00 Ricky Klavon Hitler's "Ecology" and the role of stories in "Uncivilisation"
7:00 Talia Shreenan Response to Traumatic Events in Aftermath and Beyond the Pleasure Principle
7:00 Alleigh Amaismeier Navajo Sand Paintings
7:00 Matthew Holderman Symbols of the Navajo
7:00 Aidan Noga Navajo Pictographs
7:00 Kyra Bolt Ceremonies of The Navajo
7:00 Olivia Biddle Navajo Clan System
7:00 Michael Schuetz Terrorism in Paris
7:00 Marcus Miller French Resistance during WWII
7:00 Michael DelBianco German Occupation Of Paris
7:00 Emily Thomas Catacombs of Paris
7:00 Sophia Sarkis Redesigning Paris
7:00 Emily Hinds River Pollution In Paris
7:00 Jayda Carlton Malcolm X
7:00 Benjamin Quon Thich Nhat Hanh's Mindfulness
7:00 Christian Kist Mechanics of I/O Psychology
7:00 Izzy Smith, Lizzy Rehkamp, Selma Atic, Kaylie Cunningham, Julia Blaut Killing a Spouse, Partner, or Parent
7:00 Kierston Whitlock Global Warming: The Climate is Changing, Why Aren't We?
7:00 Jake Langguth Wendell Smith: The Forgotten Hero of the Integration of Baseball
7:00 Sterling Powell Teenage Drug abuse and how to help those who suffer.
7:00 Tommy Wynsen The Benefits of Chess vs. The Benefits of Playing Sports
7:00 Jacob Clear Effects of Shogi
7:00 Paul J. Trahon War & Chess
7:00 Cameron Elsey Educational Benefits of Chess
7:00 Alex Eng, Cothalee Watko, Christian Corcega Ned Kelly
7:00 Jane Doyle, Emily Jakubczak, Mallory Misera, Kylah Coleman Snow White - beauty
7:00 Parker Seklar Chess
7:00 Duncan Wilgress-Pipe Chess
7:00 Christopher Robert Sfeir Correlation between Chess & The Military
7:00 Christopher Taylor Chess Presentation
7:00 Bryann Dishaw Discovering the truth about chess
7:00 Arnell Wade Jorge Pasquel
7:00 Anita Alig, Olivia Martini, Sam Harper, Chyna Patton Beauty in the Workforce
7:00 Anna Letto, Olivia Jenkins, Chris Palermo, Maddie Asbridge Pride and Prejudice Adaptation
7:00 Charlie Collins Henry Stain Wilson
7:00 Jennifer Teague You Can't Buy Me Love
7:00 Carson Rayhill Cesar Chavez
7:00 Jacob Eng Victor L. Ochoa: Journalist, Revolutionist, and Inventor
7:00 Susannah Halsey A Biographical Sketch of Gloria Anzaldúa
7:00 Zachary M Kane What are the premier causes of depression and entitlement in today's rapidly changing society?
7:00 Halen Wick Teaching Through Non-Linear Storytelling
7:00 Olivia Dyrness, Maddie Brault Mata Hari
7:00 Makenna Jordahl and Jacob Lough Lenny Bruce
7:00 Emma Benz The Process of Choosing One's Own Adventure
7:00 Maeve Bennett The Butterfly Effect
7:00 Nathan Elfreich Nonlinear Storytelling in Film
7:30 Michaelia Fisher St. Francis and the Revolution of Tenderness
7:30 Grace Harley Metanoia: A Transformation of Society
7:30 Ari Chisamore Civil Disobedience: Women's March Protest Research
7:30 Donna Curran Women's March
7:30 Alexa Ollier Protests Against Article 13
7:30 Samantha Hawkins Slave Market
7:30 Isis Kindred Remembering Slavery
7:30 Molly Baker Remembering Slavery
7:30 Ryan Biack Core 100 Final Project
7:30 Guillermo Villa Hitler's "Ecology" & the Role of Stories in that Ecology
7:30 Ben Little Real Gilgamesh VS. Scranton's Gilgamesh
7:30 Josh Giese Scranton book War Porn Portrays is Experience in His other book The Anthropocene
7:30 Thomas Grandon Tackling Trauma with Freud and Brison
7:30 Cole Demirjian FYS Final Project
7:30 Sophie Boulter Understanding and Preventing Totalitarian Catastrophe
7:30 Nick Perron Responses to Hitler's "ecology" and The Role of Stories in Society
7:30 Jack Westendorf Comparing Susan Brison's Aftermath to Jeam Amery's Torture
7:30 Reid Sills Creation story of the Navajo
7:30 Rose Hofstetter Navajo Reservation Relocation: An Overview
7:30 Brooke Heerdegen Applications of Herbal Medicine Within the Navajo Tradition
7:30 Matthew Petee Creation, Destruction and Balance in the Navajo Culture
7:30 Carleigh Trippel The Influence of Clara Barton
7:30 Andrew Cook A Comparison of the Navajo and Biblical Creation Stories
7:30 Grace Elo The Healing Power of Art
7:30 Emmy Garand Homeless Refugees on the Streets of Paris
7:30 Roark Lundal Algerians, Racism, and Paris
7:30 Caroline Buckley Rebuilding Paris After the Second World War
7:30 Tilly Baldwin To Publish or Not to Publish; Louis-Ferdinand Céline
7:30 Peyton Roelli Parisian Female Freedom in Different Forms of Expression
7:30 Sarah Ray The Effect of Environmental and Social Conditions on Childhood Asthma
7:30 Caroline Welsh A Man's World No Longer
7:30 Ellie Chaffee Reconnecting with Our Officers
7:30 Aubree Herman Mother Teresa
7:30 Webster Hubbell Chess Interface
7:30 Gabby Sowinski, Haley Sullivan, Kathleen Topp Pope Francis on Encounter and Accompaniment- What does "Solidarity and Kinship" really involve
7:30 Dalton DuBois-Ballard How Chess Benefits the Brain
7:30 Megan Murphy Chess Education
7:30 Mitchell Nee Comparing Intellectual Benefits of Chess and Music
7:30 Daniel Gries Computer Science and Chess
7:30 Timothy Sweeney Chess Final Project
7:30 Jordan Ketter History of Chess Innovation
7:30 Andrew M. Parrott The Relationship of Chess and Therapy
7:30 Matt Rudesill Chess boxing
7:30 Mackenzie Croley, Megan McDonnell, Emma Frein, Olivia Shooter The Criminally Insane
7:30 Corryn Keener, Lauren Hanley, Kate Ferrell Historical Villain - Lenny Bruce
7:30 Richelle Cameron A Biographical Sketch of Frida Kahlo
7:30 Evan Priest Teresita Urrea: The woman who started the revolution
7:30 Grayson Rist Cantú's Division
7:30 Adam Short Enrique and Ricardo Flores Magón
7:30 Nicholas Reynolds Teresita Urrea: A Biography
7:30 Maddy Schneider, Kendall Hogden, Ally Scott, Kayla Chatmon, Robert Holden Beauty Changes Perception
7:30 Jaevee Simangan, Isaiah Schroeder, Joseph Henry, Ryan McNally Military Game
7:30 Meredith Schneider, Shannon Spedding Historical Figure Presentation (Tonya Harding)
7:30 Jayla Coplan, Chloe Metzger Historical Villains: Bonnie and Clyde
7:30 Ryan Winiger Are Guns the Cause of the Increase in Crime?
7:30 Owen Talbott The Power of the Amygdala
7:30 Erika Smith Crimes & The Insanity Defense
7:30 Madison Crickmer The use of Nonlinear gaming in Minecraft and Skyrim
7:30 Joseph Knight Interactive Fiction in Education
7:30 Sean Trebb Moral choices in Video Games
7:30 Mark Henni Non-Linear Storytelling in the Film Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan
7:30 Aaron Ticknor Lovecraftian Choices in Video Games
7:30 Matt Weber A Story Untold
7:30 John Griffin, Conner Hutton Military and Shipping in the Arctic
7:30 Jackie Bain, Matt Geraghty, Lauren Martin, Morgan Loncala College Graduation
8:00 Emma Hiatt L.A. Teacher's Strike
8:00 Tristan Dornblaser Political Crisis in Venezuela
8:00 Michael Williams Atlantic Slavery
8:00 Owen Heekin Remember Days of Slavery presentation
8:00 Daniel Elward Remembering days of Slavery final
8:00 Aidan Brennan Brison and Scranton on Trauma
8:00 Joe Laurich Snyder and Arendt on the Holocaust
8:00 Jack Jacobs Scranton and Brison on narrative
8:00 Brandon Rinear Comparison of Exile Homelessness and Radical Hope
8:00 Adam Balzano Unspeakable Suffering
8:00 Marla Bailey Relevance of Shakespeare's King Lear
8:00 Jack Hickman Paper report on climate change
8:00 Charesse Laryea Why did St. John Mandel choose King Lear to play a major role in her book Station Eleven?
8:00 Christopher Suddeth Dealing with Tragedy
8:00 Ashley Matthews Psycho-Analysis of the Human Drive (Pleasure Principle)
8:00 Curtis Berry Navajo Mental Health Treatments vs. Our Mental Health Treatments
8:00 Aubrey Petulla The Journey to the Glittering World
8:00 Jacqueline Torres Navajo Rug Weaving
8:00 Connor Tobin Native American paintings
8:00 Nate Fangman Bike-Share Implementation in Paris
8:00 Stephanie Les French Heatwave
8:00 Sydney Tiberghien Paris Rioting
8:00 Daniel Stroh Paris and Climate Change
8:00 Vanel Stevy Kamdoum Tchoudja Refugees in Paris
8:00 Kristen Gerard Chemistry
8:00 Bridget FitzGerald Nelson Mandela: The Man Who Pulled the Tree Branch
8:00 Iyonna Barkley Better the Planet and Yourself
8:00 Sarah Soczka The Evolution of Underrepresented Storytellers
8:00 Joe Thomas A Call To The Diamond
8:00 Jake Beeson What Does It Take to Become An MLB General Manager?
8:00 Austin Hayhurst Inuit Music
8:00 Drew Schlidt Geopolitical Solutions in the Arctic
8:00 Cameron Elsey Chess in School
8:00 Zachary Charles Lippe Is Chess a Solvable Game?
8:00 Zak Ziems Chess
8:00 Chase Hornback When and How to Teach Chess
8:00 Allison Trapani Sight Impaired Chess Boards
8:00 Derek Wilcox Chess boxing
8:00 Clara Igou Women in Contemporary Chess
8:00 AJ Chaney Medical Benifits of Chess
8:00 Arijus Kavaliauskas, Luke Farnum Ned Kelly
8:00 Joe Masterson, Michael Kennedy, Jake Ulanowski Tonya Harding
8:00 Arin Velligan, Emma Sanchez, Morgan Haggerty Bonnie and Clyde
8:00 Luke Frayser How Francisco Cantu was Impacted by The United States and Mexico
8:00 Will Shibles James Polk and Mexican Relations
8:00 Gillen Faenza Carlos Santana
8:00 Brendan Helwig The Lasting Impact of Victor L. Ochoa
8:00 Mary Lang House of Leaves
8:00 Gracie Busch How Can Non-Linear Storytelling Benefit Children Who Seek Therapy?
8:00 Abigail Hull Self Involving Interactive Fiction in Dungeons and Dragons
8:00 Chelsea Luciano Women in Interactive Fiction
8:00 Hunter McKean The History of Interactive Fiction and How Video Games are Interactive Fiction
8:00 Yezen Said Alternative History as Non-Linear Storytelling
8:00 Sara Warren, Marina Von Rueden, Tracy Pham, Abby Rich Fairytales Applied to the Modern World