Community-Engaged Learning


The James and Delrose Eigel Center is the hub of Xavier’s community engagement network. The Eigel Center serves as a connector and resource for faculty and students to maintain the network of systems and programs that extend our campus into the community. As a result, our faculty have enhanced and expanded their curriculum with innovative service learning courses, our communities have been invigorated with thousands of student volunteer hours, and the University has developed partnerships and programs that contribute to an ongoing positive relationship with the communities surrounding our campus.


The Eigel Center’s work focuses on four areas:

  • The Academy for Community-Engaged Faculty
  • The Eigel Scholars
  • The Community-Engaged Fellowship Scholarship Program
  • The Community Partners Database

Building Community Partnerships

The Eigel Center continues its leadership role in advancing collaboration and communication between our faculty, students, and campus with the community at large through engaged learning opportunities. Service learning is a mutually beneficial exchange that addresses community needs, usually though a nonprofit’s work in community, and provides a learning opportunity for our students through an existing course. 

If your organization is interested in collaborating with us on a service learning opportunity or research project, please contact Sean Rhiney, Director, Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Learning at (513) 745-3968 or

If you are a faculty member, start here to access the Faculty Page.

If you are a student, start here to access the Student Engagement Page.

If you are a community partner, link here to contact us.


Eigel Center Mission Statement


Community engagement at Xavier University involves the collaboration and sustained partnership between the University – its students, faculty, staff, and administrator – and community organizations and institutions, for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in order to advance learning through social justice, community building, and citizen empowerment.

Community engagement is embedded in the Catholic Jesuit ideals of solidarity and service.  It is expressed in Xavier's Mission Statement, affirmed by its Academic Vision Statement, and included as a prominent component of the University's Strategic Plan, which called for the creation of a "Community-Engaged Learning Network."