The study of Classics isn't just the stuff of ivory towers. Study contemporary issues through the lens of courses in classical humanities, archaeology, ancient art, culture, history, mythology and more. Graduate ready for a successful career in business, law, medicine or journalism.


of Xavier graduates are employed, enrolled in a full-time graduate program or volunteering within six months of graduation.


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See the world

Study abroad in Greece, where you can take for-credit courses in theology, social sciences and fine arts. Course work is prepared beforehand and presented onsite, so if your presentation is about the Parthenon, you'll give your presentation at the Parthenon.

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Student research

With the help of faculty, you can complete high-level research projects and present findings at student conferences such as the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) and the Miami Undergraduate Conference in Classics.

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Get Connected

By joining the Senior Classical League, you will be able to interact with all Classics students across the department, and attend frequent events and conferences. You will also be able to attend national lectures sponsored by the Cincinnati chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America.

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Careers After Xavier

Classics graduates get to choose from a number of fields, including business, law, medicine and journalism. Graduates of our Classics programs have accepted positions at

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