Classics and Modern Languages

Greece Summer Study Abroad

Landmark in Greece


Contact: Dr. Shannon Byrne,

The Greece 2024 Summer Study Abroad Program is tentatively scheduled for May 20 (departure) - June 17 (return). Students earn 6 credit hours from a range of core CLAS courses that satisfy Creative Perspectives, Historical Perspectives, E/RS and Diversity Flags, and Humanities.

The program is open to students in all four colleges and all majors. Most courses are available for Honors upgrade.

We stay at 3 and 4 star hotels and divide our time between Athens and the rest Greece as follows (not necessarily in this order):

  • 13 nights in Athens
  • 2 nights in Delphi
  • 2 nights in Olympia 
  • 2 nights in Kalamata (for Messenia, Mystras, etc.)
  • 3 nights in Tolo (for Mycenae, Epidaurus, etc.)
  • 2 nights on the island Santorini
  • 3 nights on the island Naxos

The tentative cost for the program is $6290, which includes:

  • tuition for two courses (required)
  • hotels with air conditioning throughout the program
  • all transportation in Greece (private buses on land and ferry reservations for islands)
  • metro passes in Athens
  • admission to all sites and museums (with Xavier AllCard)
  • breakfast and dinner each day

Not included in the tentative cost: transatlantic airfare and lunch.

LeeAnn Scherbauer ( in the Study Abroad office can help with questions about scholarships or other funds that might be available for Xavier Study Abroad programs.

Students in the 2022 Greece Program created these websites as part of the experience:
Mt. Philopappus, St. Demetrius, Pynx
Hidden Museums

Below are some Media Journals from Greece 2018:
Kathryn Sullivan                                     Nick Tarnowski
Kelly Delano                                          Amanda Cusimano
Mike Farrere                                          Jaclyn Kordus
Laura Topp