Auxiliary Services

Xavier One Pass

Xavier One Pass is your all-in-one ID, right on your phone.

One Pass quick facts:

  • Universal Use- One Pass is used by all students, faculty and staff.
  • Available on iOS and Android through the Transact eAccounts app.
  • Easy, one-time setup to your phone's wallet.
  • Apple Watch compatibility for added convenience.
  • Compatible with Express Mode for opening doors, accessing meal plans, and paying with dining dollars just by tapping your phone on a campus reader- no need to turn on your screen or unlock your device.
  • iPhone is dead? No problem. Your One Pass works even when your phone battery runs out - tested up to 8 hours after a device powers down due to low battery.
  • Links with campus payment options including meal plans, dining dollars, and X Cash. 

Simply Tap to Access:

  • Meal plans
  • Residence Halls
  • Your residence hall bedroom
  • Dining dollars
  • X Cash
  • Athletic events
  • Student activities
  • The HUB gym
  • Vending
  • Printing
  • Mail center
  • Day One Book checkout

One Pass quick links:

iphone screenshot

Xavier One Pass is the official form of identification for Xavier University. All campus systems and class rosters will use your Xavier ID photo. In addition to serving as a form of identification to access University facilities, the X Cash program allows you to load money onto your One Pass for purchasing all across campus, including retail and vending.

In accordance with the Identification (ID) Policy, approved May 21, 2024, the One Pass is the official and only form of ID distributed by Xavier University unless an individual meets one of the approved exceptions listed on the ID policy.  If an individual has the ability to obtain a One Pass but it is chosen by that individual to have an ID Card instead, this is considered receiving a Vanity Card.  The fee for receiving a Vanity Card is $50.00. To view the current ID Policy, Go to the Policy Page on the Xavier University website and from the policy list choose the ID Policy.


If you have any questions/concerns about the process, please call Auxiliary Services at 513-745-4281 or email