Education Abroad


International Health Insurance 

All students participating in Xavier faculty-led study abroad programs are enrolled in international health insurance through CISI (CISI insurance policy brochure). A majority of our semester options are also enrolled in CISI through Xavier or their partner organization; if students are not enrolled in CISI, the coverage is equivalent to Xavier's coverage just with another provider.

CISI coverage can be used for emergencies, accidents, and illnesses that occur while abroad. Xavier's CISI policy also includes trip delay, which provides coverage, e.g. lodging, meals, travel expenses, in the event that a participant’s trip or return home is delayed. Details about trip delay are in the attached brochure. 

Cancel for any Reason (CFAR) Insurance 

The insurance available through CISI does not include trip cancellation. Participants interested in trip cancellation insurance should carefully evaluate in detail any plans that claim to cover cancellation for any reason. Before purchasing CFAR, students should consider all the terms and limitations of the plans, which might include: 

  • The specified window of time by which you must purchase the CFAR after you make a payment for your program, e.g. must purchase plan within 21 days of initial payment (your deposit). 
  • The maximum amount that can be reimbursed.
  • The limit on the expenses that can be claimed. 
  • The explanation of the claim process and requirements for proof of expense. 
  • A specified window of time in which to submit a claim; e.g. insured must submit claim to insurance carrier within X days of the intervening event occurring. 

The following are companies that provide trip cancellation/CFAR insurance. 

Axa Travel Insurance
Travel Insured International

The information about the companies listed above is provided solely as a resource to students. Xavier University does not own, control, administer, or endorse the CFAR insurance plans provided. It is the responsibility of the student to evaluate the insurance plan and to select the appropriate plan for his/her individual circumstances.