Education Abroad

Before Selecting, Applying, or Acceptance

General Questions

I am interested in studying abroad. What should I do first? 

The Center for International Education (CIE) is excited to hear that you are interested in studying abroad. Find immediate information about the study abroad process.

Where is the Center for International Education (CIE) / Education Abroad Office located?

The CIE, Education Abroad Office is located in Gallagher Student Center, room 230. The Center for International Education works with students who are planning to study abroad and international students on-campus. 

Do I need an appointment at the Center for International Education? 

You may visit the Center for International Education during our hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. During the academic year, it may be possible to meet with a peer advisor without an appointment. However, we recommend scheduling an appointment through our website. 

How do I schedule an appointment to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor? 

To schedule an appointment, please fill out our request for advising form. You may also schedule an appointment with an advisor directly through our Contact Information site. 

If I study abroad, will I still graduate on-time? 

Study abroad should not delay your graduation. It is important that you speak with your academic advisor early to discuss your interests in study abroad, especially if you want to complete a semester program or longer. If you wait too long to meet with CIE or speak with your academic advisor about your study abroad interest, it might be more difficult to find the right program fit to allow for timely graduation and study abroad. Students who enroll in study abroad programs during breaks (winter, spring, and summer) usually work ahead in their degree requirements. 

If I study abroad for a semester, what about housing at Xavier? 

If you plan to study abroad for a semester, it is recommended that you try to live on-campus the other semester. This is because you will be released from your housing contract. Please complete the "Change in Housing Form" to notify Residence Life. The Center for International Education is unable to connect students with potential subletters.  

What challenges should I expect to face while I am abroad?  

Study abroad is an exciting experience, but also allows for personal growth. You may experience some of the same challenges you faced your first semester when coming to Xavier. All students who study abroad will attend a pre-departure orientation. The orientation will cover a variety of topics regarding your experience abroad. If you continue to have additional concerns, please schedule an appointment with an Education Abroad staff member.  

Application Questions

Do I complete an application to study abroad at Xavier University? 

All Xavier students who plan to receive credit abroad must apply to study abroad through Xavier University's study abroad application portal

Why does the application system say my username and password are incorrect?

Your username and password are your Xavier University username and password (the same used for printing, accessing a Xavier computer, etc.) Your username is not your entire Xavier email address. You do not need to create a log-in. Please use your Xavier credentials. 

Do I complete Xavier's application and an application to study with my host institution? 

In many cases, the answer is yes. Most semester programs have two applications. The Xavier application and an application to apply directly to the program or host institution. The Xavier application will provide further instructions to you about submitting a second application. If you are unsure, if you need to fill out two applications, do not hesitate to ask via 

The application portal says that the program is not currently accepting applications. When does the application cycle open? 

The opening of study abroad applications vary between semester and summer programs. The opening schedules may also slightly vary. Feel free to email with any additional questions. But in general, the application cycle by term will follow this schedule: 

  • Spring Semester Programs - April 
  • Winter Break Programs - July 
  • Spring Break Programs - July 
  • Summer Programs - October
  • Academic Year / Fall Semester Programs - November 

What is the Study Abroad Approval (STAB) form? 

The Study Abroad Approval (STAB) form is the official form to receive credit from your study abroad experience. All students who study abroad must complete the STAB form. Students who study on faculty-led programs will complete this form to register for their courses. You cannot register for a study abroad course through Self-Service. Students who study abroad on all other programs must complete this form. The form will put you in a placeholder course while you are abroad. After your experience, this forms tells the Registrar's office how your courses apply to your degree requirements. 

How do I find courses at my host institution that will count towards my Xavier University degree requirements? 

The CIE suggests meeting with your academic advisor during your study abroad program selection process. Most of our partner programs list the courses for the next term about a semester or more in advance. It is best to provide the course list to your academic advisor to review what courses you still need to take and the courses they offer. Based on this information, you will then begin the course approval process. Each course must be approved by the department chair corresponding to the course subject. If you need additional help, you may schedule a meeting with a peer advisor or Education Abroad staff member

How do I find out who the department chair is? 

A complete list of the Department Chairs is available on the Provost's website. You may also use the Directory. For example, if you are looking for the Philosophy department chair, you can type in Philosophy into the department search. Scroll to find the faculty member with Chair in their title. 

May I submit my STAB form to the CIE without the dean's signature? 

No, all signatures except for the Study Abroad Advisor's signature must be received before turning your form into the CIE. Once you have completed the course grid portion of the form, you (the student) will sign the form first. You will then take your form to your Academic Advisor to review your course selection and approve. Lastly, you will take your form to your college's dean's office. The dean will sign your form, and in most cases, they will send your form directly to the CIE. The CIE will be the last to sign your form, and they will process it thereafter. 

Where do I find my dean's office? 

Students who are in the College of Arts and Sciences will submit STAB forms via Jennifer Blasi to Assistant Dean, Jen Droege in Alter Hall, room 202. 

Students who are in the College of Professional Sciences will submit STAB forms via Tracy Jackson to Assistant Dean, Chris Barbour in Hailstones Hall, room 202. 

Students who are in the Williams College of Business will submit STAB forms via Nancy Mazza to Assistant Dean, Cindy Stockwell in Smith Hall, room 120A.  

Students who are in the College of Nursing will submit STAB forms to Assistant Dean, Marilyn Gomez in Cohen, room 106. 

My study abroad program is requesting a transcript. How do I request an official transcript? 

Most study abroad programs that are not led by Xavier will require an official transcript. You must request your transcript through the Registrar's office. There is a processing fee. Request transcript. 

Financial Questions

Who do I pay to study abroad? Do I pay Xavier University or the host university/program provider?

In most cases, you will pay for your study abroad program through Xavier's Bursar. For Xavier-sponsored semester programs, semester direct exchange programs, and all Xavier faculty-led programs, a bill will be published through Xavier's Bursar. All Bursar processes are followed. Click here for information about the Bursar.  

For semester programs, it is Xavier tuition that is being paid directly to Xavier University (not other stated program fees). Room and board is sometimes paid directly to Xavier or sometimes paid in-country / to the program. All programs Cost pages in the application portal will note where accommodations are paid. For questions, please contact 

For summer programs that are not led by Xavier University faculty, students will pay their host university or partner program directly based on the billing processes of that university or program.  

Will Xavier University continue to honor my merit scholarship if I study abroad? 

Xavier semester study abroad programs that are listed on our website allow you to access your scholarships and financial aid package. Xavier has over 90+ semester study abroad options for students to find the right academic fit and program location.

Xavier merit scholarships are not available to use for faculty-led programs. 

Are there scholarships available to study abroad?

Yes! Xavier does offer scholarships for students to study abroad.Find Additional Information on Study Abroad Scholarships. Students are always welcome to complete personal research on additional scholarship opportunities as well. 

Documents Questions

Do I need a passport to study abroad? 

Yes! You will need a passport. You do not need a passport to begin the application process to study abroad. However, once you start your application, the CIE suggests you apply for your passport as soon as possible. It may take up to 13 weeks to process your passport. Additionally, you may need other documents to study abroad such as a visa. You are not able to apply for a visa unless you have a passport. Learn More About the Passport Application Process.

Did you apply for your passport before you were 16? You may need to renew your passport before you study abroad! If your passport expiration date is less than six months from your return date to the United States, you should apply for a new passport. Many countries will not allow you to travel to and from the US without an expiration date at least six months into the future. For example, if you study abroad for the month of June, return to the United States on June 20th, your passport cannot expire before January of the following year. If you have additional questions, please contact 

Do I need to apply for a visa? 

It depends. You might need to apply for a visa to study abroad. Most US students who enroll in a short-term experience do not need to apply for a visa. If you are not a US citizen, you may need to apply for a visa to study on a short-term program; please consult with International Student and Scholar Services and Education Abroad staff. However, there are some countries that require a visa for any length of study. Lastly, most semester programs do require students to apply for a visa either before departure or once they have arrived in country since their duration of stay is longer than 90 days. 

When do I apply for a visa? 

All processes vary. Nevertheless, most student visa processes cannot begin until you have been officially accepted into your study abroad program / host university. Additionally, most visa processes cannot begin more than 90 days before your departure date. For more information about visas, contact the CIE ( or your study abroad program.