Education Abroad

Before You Go

Congratulations! You have been accepted to your study abroad program. Now it is time to prepare for your journey. 

Commit to Your Study Abroad Program

You've been accepted into your study abroad program through the Center for International Education. It is now time to commit to your program and submit your deposit. Students have two weeks to confirm enrollment after acceptance. All deposits go towards tuition for the term of enrollment. 

Upon program confirmation, the study abroad application fee and deposit are non-refundable.

Guide to Pay Deposit 

Pre-departure Orientation 

The Center for International Education offers pre-departure orientation for students participating in study abroad programs. During orientation, we cover important topics such as academics abroad, health and safety, cultural adjustment, identity abroad, finances and more. 

Finances & Financial Aid 

Learn more about study abroad billing and apply for financial aid and scholarships. 


Students who live on-campus are able to be released from their housing contract for the following semester or apply for on-campus housing once returning from abroad. Students looking for someone to sublease their room/apartment can find advice. 

Health & Safety 

Student health and safety is at the center of every study abroad program. All students are required to have international health insurance while studying abroad which is included in the fees. Additionally, student complete a series of waivers and health forms prior to departure.  

Study Abroad FAQs 

More Resources 

Check out additional resources through the US Department of State, CDC and others prior to departure.