Payroll Time Reporting

All student employees* must track and submit their work hours according to the student worker payroll schedule. Once hours have been submitted, the student's supervisor will review time worked and either approve it or request changes by the student.

Student Employee hours will need to be input into Web Time Entry, an online form.* In order to be set up for payroll and Web Time Entry:

  1. A Payroll Authorization Form (PAF) will need to be submitted by the hiring Supervisor.
  2. If student has not previously worked on campus, new hire paperwork will need to be completed by the student and verified by Student Employment.
  3. Once all new hire paperwork has been completed by student and verified and processed by Student Employment, Payroll will set up web time entry for the student and e-mail them a confirmation and instructions on starting their web time entry.

  4. View Web Time Entry Instructions

NOTE: Community Service Job Program (CSJP) Student Workers
*Students who work for off-site CSJP Employers, use paper Payroll Forms to track and report their hours. Site supervisors will need to physically approve the paper Payroll forms for their student employees since they don't have access to Xavier's online Web Time Entry. Payroll Forms, for these student employees only, can be picked up at the Xavier's Payroll Department located at Schmidt Hall, Room 102 or at the Student Employment office, located in the Career Development Office at 530 Conaton Learning Commons.