On-Campus Student Employment


How do I get paid?

Once you have accepted a job, your hiring supervisor will notify the Student Employment Office . At that time, you will be asked to fill out all required new hire paperwork. Paperwork must be completed before you can begin working! Once you've completed your new hire paperwork, the Student Employment Office will instruct you how to report your time for pay.

  • Students are paid every two weeks. Payment Options include the following:
    • Direct Deposit is available and can be set up by completing a direct deposit form. Your check will be automatically placed in the account specified on your form. You will also receive email notification of your pay every two weeks.
    • Bursar Account Deposit - You may choose to have all or some of your earnings applied directly to your Bursar account.
    • Payroll Card - The payroll card is a physical Visa-branded card that the student employee will receive. Each payday, the employee's pay will be deposited onto the card. The employee can use the card as a Visa card, withdraw cash from any bank accepting Visa-branded cards, or use online banking tools linked to the card. This option is not recommended and is offered only as a last resort option.

It is recommended that students verify correct tax information, pay rates and hours worked on all pay stubs. Federal W-2s are available in January on the student's portal page. If you believe that something is incorrect, please contact the Student Employment Office.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact the Student Employment Office at (513) 745-4880 or at claryv@xavier.edu.