Department of Sport Science & Management

Patrick Filanowski, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Sport Science & Management
Program Director, Exercise Science

Patrick Filanowski is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sport Science & Management. Dr. Filanowski received his bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science from DeSales University in Center Valley, PA in 2011 and became a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in the same year. He received his master’s degree in Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University in 2013 and earned his doctoral degree in Exercise and Health Sciences from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2018. 

Dr. Filanowski has taught undergraduate courses covering a wide range of topics in exercise science including: applied kinesiology, advanced research methods, strength and conditioning, exercise program design, exercise physiology, health fitness assessment, and adapted physical activity.

His research has focused on evaluating physical activity in families with young children living in low-income, under-resourced neighborhoods with a program to provide access to free and safe spaces in their communities where they can be physically active together. His current research focuses on assessment and evaluation of the intensity, enjoyment, and feasibility of physical activity in young children and their parents.


Assessment and Promotion of Physical Activity in Children and Families


  • Ph.D. in Exercise & Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • M.S. in Exercise Science, East Stroudsburg University
  • B.S. in Sport & Exercise Science, DeSales University


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