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What is Xavier Element?

Xavier University's Student-Led, Student-Run Digital Marketing Agency and Student Consultancy providing services to clients. Our team of 30+ Student Consultants are Digital Natives with a unique Gen-Z perspective. The Xavier Element team is comprised of trained and certified individuals on core digital marketing, creative, analytics, and social media platforms.


Xavier Element Mission


The Xavier Element consultants are Gen-Z, Digital Natives who live and breathe all things digital and social. Audacious, passionate, and purpose-driven, our Student Consultants set out to connect their clients with premier content with an eye on cutting edge trends in pop culture.


A win for you. Businesses often don’t have the time and/or expertise to establish and maintain a successful digital presence. Our consultants are experienced in social marketing, design, business analytics, and well-practiced in the field of continually evolving their capabilities to address current trends and business needs.

A win for students. Xavier University students gain direct and relevant experience working with businesses outside of the classroom and earn income for the work they are producing.

A win for Xavier University. Xavier Element, with an emphasis on experiential learning, plays an integral role in fulfilling Xavier University’s mission and renewed strategic plan to build community connections and provide students relevant, real-world business experiences that set students up for more career services.


The Elements: Primary Consultancy Services

Create strategies across platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Develop plans of action, create,  and run campaigns on social platforms.

Track and assess growth across digital platforms.

Examples of Xavier Element services:

Website design
Video production and editing
Product and service photography
Graphic design services ranging from:
Customized, digital media graphics
Printed materials
Brand creation
Visual assets
Branding guidelines and development
Creative marketing strategies


Elemental Building Blocks - The Foundation of Business Growth

  1. Understand the current marketing strategy for your business or organization.
  2. Partner with consultants to co-create a personalized, strategic marketing plan, as well as develop overall assets and capabilities.
  3. Execute digital marketing strategy and partake in the benefits of outsourced media management in real-time.


The Elementals - Student Consultant Community


Clients are matched and work directly with 1 or more Student Consultant(s) with relevant skills to deliver clients needs. Matching criteria is oriented around the academic focuses and passions of Element consultants such as marketing and creative media.

Student Consultants communicate with clients directly and hold regular meetings both in-person and virtually. This allows streamlined communication and helps ensure ongoing alignment and delivery on Contract and Scope of Work. Our Executive Director, faculty advisors, and our Student Leaders have deep rooted professional experience in marketing, management, entrepreneurship, analytical, and design fields.



Each Student Consultant is: hand-selected for the program by our Student Leaders, faculty advisors, and Executive Director. Every Student Consultant israined and certified in a breadth of digital marketing services and various creative media creation platforms and other relevant topics.


Notable Clients

Xavier Element is proud of all client work, and we would like to highlight a few of the notable companies that our team has provided services for.





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