School of Psychology

Program Requirements & Information

The Xavier Psy.D. program is a five-year program that includes four academic years and one internship year. The program is designed to prepare students for the general practice of health service psychology. The program is offered only in full-time, in-person format. There is not a part-time, remote, and/or hybrid option.

The PsyD program provides training in three areas of interest: Children and Adolescents, Individuals with Severe and Chronic Psychopathology (ISCPP), and Health Care Psychology Across the Lifespan (HCPALS). Students have the opportunity to pursue these areas of interest by taking specialized courses, gaining experience in practicum placements, and conducting applied research.

A Master of Arts in Psychology is after successful completion of all coursework through the second spring semester.

A curriculum guide is available at this link. Please use navigation options to the left to explore other components of the program in more detail.