School of Psychology

Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes. Behavior is everything that people do that can be observed directly. Mental processes include everything in our mental lives, such as thoughts, memories, feelings, and motives. Psychology is also a profession in which psychological knowledge and insight are brought to bear upon human concerns.

The School of Psychology endeavors to acquaint students thoroughly with the content and methods of scientific psychology, the science of behavior and mental processes. While emphasizing the scientific approach to the understanding of human behavior and personality, Xavier's psychology courses demonstrate that this branch of science is complementary to and compatible with a sound philosophy of human nature.

The offices of the School of Psychology are located west of Victory Parkway on Winding Way. These offices, laboratories, and classrooms are located in Elet Hall. Next door to Elet Hall is Sycamore House, which quarters the Psychological Services Center, along with other faculty and administrative offices.

Contact Psychology

Dr. Kathleen Hart, Chair
Phone: 513-745-3278
Building: Elet Hall, Room 102A


Dr. Cynthia Dulaney, Vice Chair
Phone: 513-745-3535
Building: Elet Hall, Room 202


Mack Maynard, Director of Academic Programs
Phone: 513-745-1053
Building: Elet Hall, Room 107D


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