5.3 Advice, Information, Counseling

Anyone may seek advice, information or counseling on matters related to harassment without having to file a complaint. Persons who feel they are being harassed, or are uncertain as to whether what they are experiencing is harassment, and/or desire information as to their options in dealing with harassment are encouraged to talk with one of the University resource persons listed below. Additionally, some forms of behavior that are disturbing to members of the Xavier University Community may not meet the definition of harassment found in this HCAP. Some behaviors may be violations of the Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook or the University's Policy and Procedures or may be covered by various grievance or dispute procedures.

To seek advice, information, or counseling about these issues, an individual may contact any of the following resource persons or offices: Human Resources, Title IX Office, Dean of Students, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Counseling, Psychological Services, Xavier University Campus Police. Questions about handling complaints under any of the harassment procedures cited here may be directed to the Affirmative Action Officer.

Persons seeking advice, information or counseling should recognize that certain individuals have a duty to report harassment under his HCAP.

For resources regarding Sex Discrimination see HCAP Sections 4.4 and 4.5.