1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

Individuals who believe they have been harassed, individuals charged with harassment, and individuals with knowledge of situations in which harassment may exist should consult the Xavier University Harassment Code and Accountability Procedures (HCAP).

To encourage persons to come forward, the University provides several channels of communication, information, and both informal and formal complaint resolution procedures. Persons or groups who believe they are victims of such an action are encouraged to report the incident to the appropriate University authority. All complaints are considered serious and are handled through the informal or formal complaint resolution procedures as described below. Disciplinary action will be taken in all cases where there is a finding of responsibility through a formal procedure.

This HCAP is only part of Xavier University's effort to prevent harassment in our community. In addition to spelling out steps for making and resolving complaints, the University is also committed to programs of education to raise the level of understanding concerning the nature of harassment and ways to prevent its occurrence.

To the extent any provision of this HCAP conflicts with another Xavier policy or procedure, the language of this HCAP shall take precedent over the other conflicting statement. If a faculty member is found responsible for violating the HCAP through the formal HCAP procedures the recommended sanctions will be applied through the appropriate process outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

1.2 Applicability of the HCAP

This HCAP applies to the "University Community" which includes all persons who are enrolled at or employed by Xavier University while they are on campus or are participating in a University-related off- campus activity, except where noted. Additionally, all others present on the Xavier campus or participating in a University-related off- campus activity are expected to observe the policies outlined herein.

The HCAP applies when an employee (including contracted employees employed by the University) is accused of violating Xavier's harassment policies by a student, employee, contracted employee, or third party (i.e. visitor to campus). An individual is considered an employee for purposes of the HCAP on the first day the individual begins working at Xavier. In addition, Xavier reserves the right to take the steps, under the HCAP and/or other relevant University policy, the University assesses may be necessary and appropriate to respond to conduct of individuals who may not yet have started their first day of employment, but that may be affiliated with the University (e.g., an individual with an offer letter, independent contractor).

The Xavier Student Handbook applies when a student is accused of violating Xavier policy by a student, employee, contractor employed by the University or third party (i.e. visitor to campus).

This HCAP is subject to change as deemed appropriate by the University. Notice of changes to this HCAP will be provided to all persons to whom it applies through the campus portal, email system or by some other method reasonably intended to reach all members of the University Community. The University will strive to provide this notice of changes within a reasonable period of time after the changes have been made.

The official version of this HCAP is located on the Xavier University website. This is a living document, which will be reviewed and updated.