Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program Transfer and Credit Policy

Xavier University Doctor of Occupational Therapy Student Transfer Policy When Courses Taken at Another Institution

With an earned bachelor’s degree up to 30-credit hours may be awarded transfer studentsto transfer students, excluding occupational therapy process courses and labs (OCTD 526, 528, 600, 602, 620, 622, 700, 701). Courses must be from a doctoral- or master’s entry-level ACOTE accredited, or in process of accreditation, institution. Final approval of the latter granted upon the transferring institution receiving full accreditation prior to the transfer student’s date of XU graduation. Application is via OTCAS or Xavier’s Graduate School process.

  • Transfer credit will be evaluated and deemed equivalent by the Chair in consultation with the Program Admissions Committee for the course(s) under consideration based on the ACOTE Standards of completed and future courses. Determination will include review of course description and/or course syllabus by the Program Admissions Committee and/or faculty member(s) with the content knowledge to determine equivalency. Further, determination will review alignment of ACOTE Standards to ensure the student would complete all standards for graduation from Xavier’s OTD Program.
  • Transfer student must be in good academic standing as evidenced by a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA and provide confirmation of the absence of ethical violations via a statement from a Program official (e.g., program director or chair).
  • Submission of GRE scores may be waived in lieu of successful completion of two fulltime academic semesters entry-level doctoral or master’s-level curriculum as specified by the transferring institution.
  • Volunteer hours may be waived if transfer student completed at least one Level I fieldwork or 40 hours of community-engaged interactions and/or observations with an occupational therapist present.
  • Responding to interview prompts via a self-recorded video may be waived in lieu of an on-campus visit with an occupational therapy faculty member.


Xavier University Doctor of Occupational Therapy Course Transfer Policy When Enrolled in the XU OTD Program

Graduate credit for a degree completed at another university is not transferable toward a graduate degree at Xavier once the student has begun a graduate program at Xavier. Exceptions to this policy may be made when:

  • A student is permanently transferred to another city by family obligations.
  • A student is specifically directed by the program director, chair or dean to take a course not available at Xavier.
  • Up to six semester hours of graduate course work obtained in the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities may be applied to an occupational therapy doctoral degree taken at Xavier, with the advanced written permission of the program director or dean. As a matter of policy, the official academic record lists only those graduate courses from other universities which apply toward an advanced degree. 

Xavier University Doctor of Occupational Therapy Credit Policy Upon Entry or When Enrolled in the XU OTD Program

Credit is not available for prior or in process experiential learning or work experience.

Last updated on 6.23.2023