Montessori Education

Learn Montessori from the pros. As the nation's leader in Montessori teacher education, Xavier knows how to make sure you're ready for the thrills and rewards of a Montessori classroom. From pink tower geometry and sandpaper letters to exploring the mysteries of the universe, you'll enjoy teaching as much as your pupils will enjoy learning.


Montessori graduates pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators PK-3 and Early Childhood Education tests.


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Back to the Beginning

Study abroad in a special summer program in Italy to see Casa Di Bambini, the school where Dr. Maria Montessori launched her world-renowned method.

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Explore your Options

Montessori education graduates aren't just qualified to teach in private and public schools. They also work for special children's programs in hospitals, or become childcare center administrators.

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Learning by Doing

See how Montessori education works firsthand in our on-campus Montessori Lab School, founded in 1966. Head teachers in the Lab School are credentialed by the American Montessori Society (AMS) and licensed by the State of Ohio.

Double Major

A double major/dual license gives you with the ability to meet the needs of today's children. The Montessori approach and Special Education program give you the tools to support teaching for a diverse community.

Bachelor of Science: Montessori and Special Education
  • American Montessori Society early childhood credential, ages 3-6
  • Resident educators license (state), P-3rd grade
  • Early childhood intervention specialist license
Career opportunities in teaching:
  • Montessori teacher - public or private school
  • Traditional teacher - PreK-3rd grade public or private school
  • Early Childhood Intervention Specialist - public or private

You'll be certified as a Montessori teacher, traditional teacher and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist.

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After Graduation

Our students leave Xavier ready to enter the job market. Early Childhood Education graduates go on to work in

public and private school
public and private schools
hospital and child care
educational settings such as hospitals and child care centers
nature centers
outdoor education and nature centers


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