Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice

MA in Ethics and Spirituality

Theology students and faculty working and discussing in a classroom

This concentration is designed for professionals in business and non-profit communities interested in developing deeper spiritual understanding as well as practical skills for competent, ethical and theologically informed professional practices. This concentration is also appropriate for students interested in careers in the management and administration of churches and church-related organizations and corporations such as dioceses and social ministries.

The Professional Practice concentration combines theory and practice, building on the traditions of spiritual discernment (Ignatian and others), theological reflection and purposeful action. It develops adult learners as knowledgeable, thoughtful and responsible professionals who improve their work environments and society as a whole. Students learn to respond to challenging situations presented in their professional environments in ethically and spiritually responsible ways.

The program presumes a pluralistic religious environment in the workplace, emphasizing ways to understand, recognize, negotiate and celebrate interfaith relationships. It also reflects Xavier's mission to educate students to serve with excellence and ethical integrity in professional fields and to work for social and economic justice.

The goals of this concentration are:

• To improve understanding of the Christian spiritual, theological and ethical tradition in dialogue with contemporary challenges of religious traditions.

• To prepare professionals with a sound knowledge of ethical traditions and a commitment to bringing social-ethical perspectives to business and service environments.

To facilitate the spiritual and theological formation necessary for professionals to integrate professional expertise with competent, ethical, and spiritually informed management practices.


Course Curriculum:

Foundational Courses:

  • THEO 504 Liberating Bible
  • THEO 547 Ethics in a Time of Planetary Crisis
  • THEO 555 Key Turning Points in Christian History
  • THEO 624 Theological Imagination: Approaches to the Sacred

Ethics and Spirituality Courses:

  • 2 THEO Electives in Ethics
  • 2 THEO Electives in Spirituality
  • 2 THEO Electives + Dossier OR 1 THEO Elective + Thesis