Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice

Graduate Student Profiles

ISSJ Student Profiles

Spring 2020


Audrey Calloway-


"The professor, the content, the engagement, and my classmates created a perfect mix of community, growth, and knowledge." [Read more about Audrey here...]



Spencer Liechty-


"I came to the ISSJ program in order to enhance my work as a college campus minister. In order to best accompany students on their journey of faith..." [Read more about Spencer here...]


Greg Mellor-


"I yearned for a more comprehensive education in theology that would allow me to dig deeper into Church history, scripture, and systematic theology..." [Read more about Greg here...].



Sarah Pritts-


"I came to Xavier looking for conversation partners. In midlife, I developed a new interest in theology, and I wanted a place where I could take my studies seriously..."   [Read more about Sarah here...]



Paige Stafford-


"After having such a wonderful experience with the theology department as an undergraduate student, I was sure that the Master’s program would be fantastic..." [Read more about Paige here...]



Katie Strike-


"Theological Imagination, the first college class I had taken in nearly 40 years, was a revelatory experience..." [Read more about Katie here...]