Health Advising

Four-Year Timeline

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

  • Research admission requirements for health professionsschools.
  • Participate in volunteer work, internships or employment in health field/medical area. Interested in an international service volunteer opportunity?
  • Participate in extracurricular activities that developand demonstrate your maturity, compassion and workethic.
  • Devise plan for intensive MCAT (or other admissionstest) preparation.
  • Continue reading interestingbooks and articles about health professions.
  • Meet with the Coordinator to discuss your program,questions, and plans.
  • Maintain an excellent and competitive GPA.
  • Check medical schools (or other health professionschools) entry requirements.
  • Consider participating in research.

Junior Year

  • Continue admissions test preparation.
  • Maintain the best GPA you can.
  • January - Turn in your autobiography and signed Buckley Amendment Waiver to the Coordinator of Pre-ProfessionalHealth Advising.
  • February - Pick up admission test registration packets or register online at the test's web site. The deadline to register is usually mid-March and the testing services encourage you to register early to ensure that you get the testing site that you request.
  • March - Sign up for a mock interview with the Health Sciences Committee. Remember - the mock interview is required if you are using the Committee for a letter of recommendation!
  • April - Take the MCAT (or another admission test).The 2004 MCAT dates are April 17 and August 14.
  • May - Online application services (such as AMCAS, AADSAS etc.) are usually available at this time.
  • June - Complete your application and once it's perfect,submit it as soon as you can. Submitting your applicationearly is good, but submitting it ERROR FREE is evenbetter! Remember that many schools use a rolling admissionprocess, so it's to your advantage to apply as earlyas possible.

Senior Year

  • Begin receiving secondary applications. Completeand return them PROMPTLY! Follow all directions!
  • RequestHealth Sciences Committee letters of recommendationfrom the Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Advisingas schools ask for them. For the first request, makesure you give the Coordinator your summer update andto fill out completely the letter request form!
  • Go on interviews.Do your homework on each school! Be prepared for theinterviews.
  • Make your decision about which of your acceptances you plan to attend or regroup and plan for next year's application process. Either way, keep the Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Advising informed about your decisions.