Health Advising

Application by the Early Decision Plan

Many schools, including all the medical schools in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, offer an Early Decision Plan (Note: all nonresidents of Kentucky applying to the University of Kentucky Medical School must apply as Early Decision candidates). According to this arrangement, you make a complete application to only one school before August 1, with the agreement that if you are accepted to that school, you will attend there and not apply to any other school. Acceptances by Early Decision are made by October 1, so if you are not accepted you can then apply to any number of schools by the normal application process (although slightly later).

This system was designed for the relatively strong applicant who has a good reason for wanting to attend one particular school over all others. Schools claim to use the same decision standards for early and regular applications. Admissions committees will often agree to explain the deficiencies in your application if you are not accepted as an Early Decision candidate. Whether or not you applied by the Early Decision Plan usually has no bearing on a later decision by another school, since no school is informed of your earlier application.

This plan may simplify your applications, but realize that it also limits your choices of schools. As was mentioned earlier, if you choose this option, you must inform the Health Sciences Committee before the end of the spring semester of your junior year, so that a letter of recommendation will be sent to the school before the application deadline.