Health Advising

Pre-Professional Health Advising at Xavier

As a Xavier student planning a career in a health profession, you have unique goals and educational plans. Careful consideration and long-range planning must begin now if you wish to join the many Xavier graduates practicing medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry, optometry, pharmacy, and physical therapy among other rewarding fields in professional health care.

Approximately 86% of our students who applied to medical school were accepted, compared to 40% nationally (Class of 2022).

Visit our alumni-outcomes page to view the growing list of medical and other professional health schools in which Xavier graduates have been accepted. 

A special admissions pathway into medical school is the University of Toledo's MEDStart Program. It is an early admission program designed to accept college students during the JUNIOR year of their undergraduate education. This program allows students to enroll into the University of Toledo's College of Medicine program for the next academic year following completion of the four-year baccalaureate education. The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is not required for acceptance into the MEDStart Program, but certain rigorous undergraduate and high school academic criteria are required to qualify for application.

Professional health is a challenging and demanding career path, yet it can be an extremely rewarding one. Admission into these professional health programs is extremely competitive. You must be well-informed, well-prepared, and very personally motivated to work very hard to gain admission. To view important statistical information about the quality of grades students should earn in order be competitive for medical school or for other graduate health professions, follow this link.