Health Advising

Extracurricular Activities and Work Experience

Medical schools seek well-rounded individuals with strong intellectual abilities and personal qualities.

Here's how your non-academic activities factor into your application:

  • Demonstrating Personal Qualities: Letters of recommendation, your personal statement, and extracurricular activities all showcase your strengths in areas like responsibility, integrity, social maturity, leadership, and interpersonal skills.
  • Alignment with Societal Needs: Do your personal goals align with addressing social issues and healthcare delivery challenges? Consider if your activities demonstrate this commitment.
  • Motivation and Understanding: Strong motivation and a realistic understanding of the medical profession (both theoretical and practical) are crucial.

Gaining Valuable Experience

  • Exposure to Healthcare: Volunteer or work experience in healthcare settings, especially with patient contact, provides valuable insights into the profession's demands.
  • Research Experience: Understanding research methods through lab work strengthens your application, especially if you consider an M.D./Ph.D. program.


  • Extracurricular activities are important, but they don't replace strong academic performance.
  • Each school prioritizes different qualities, so research their values to tailor your activities accordingly.