Health Advising

After the Decision

Photo of Hinkle HallIf you are not accepted to the program of your choice, consult with the coordinator of pre-professional health advising for an assessment of your application and help planning your strategy for re-application, or help choosing alternative career plans. If one or more components of your application were weak, then significant improvement in that area will obviously enhance any subsequent application. Focus on how to make your credentials more competitive. If, after talking to an advisor, it is not clear to you how your application could be improved, contact a medical school admissions office for advice.

If you are accepted by more than one school, be considerate of other applicants and the admissions committees by responding promptly. Keep only the one acceptance to the school of your highest priority, and withdraw from your other acceptances as soon as possible.

Also, let the Health Science Committee and the Coordinator of Pre-Professional Health Advising know where you are accepted or rejected, and where you decide to attend. This lets us help you better in the future, if that is necessary, and also permits us to advise future students more accurately. Let us know what problems you had, or what we did that could be improved.