Student Handbook

1.1.5 - Scope of Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures Contained in the Student Handbook

It is the obligation of every Xavier University student (undergraduate, graduate, traditional, non-traditional, full-time, part-time, on-campus, or off-campus resident) to comply with the policies, guidelines, and procedures within the Xavier University Student Handbook as a condition of enrollment noting that some aspects of the contents specifically refer to specific student populations. Additional policies, guidelines and procedures may be utilized by offices, colleges, departments or programs within Xavier consistent with the policies in the Student Handbook. In the event of a conflict between those policies, guidelines or procedures and the Student Handbook, the Student Handbook will apply unless otherwise noted herein.

The Code of Student Conduct and the student conduct process apply to the conduct of individual students, both undergraduate and graduate, and all University affiliated student organizations.

For the purposes of student conduct, the University considers an individual to be a student when an offer of admission has been extended and thereafter as long as the student has a continuing educational interest at the University.

The contents of this Handbook apply to all students who represent Xavier in any capacity where University resources (human or fiscal) support a program, event, or trip (domestic or international). It is within the rights of any faculty member, club or organization advisor, or any person functioning as a University agent and a responsible party for a University-sponsored trip or educational experience (academic or co-curricular) to take prudent action when violations occur based on inappropriate choices that may place a student at risk of harming self or others. This may include ending the experience for the entire group or sending a student back to Xavier at the person's personal expense.

Any violation of this Handbook will be handled according to the Student Conduct Process set forth in Part 3 of this Handbook.

The Student Handbook applies when a student is accused of violating Xavier policy by a fellow student, employee (staff and faculty), contractor, or third party (i.e., visitor to campus). The Harassment Code and Accountability Procedures applies when an employee or contractor is accused of violating Xavier policy by a student, employee, contractor, or third party.