Student Handbook

1.1.3 - Values Statement

Xavier University is based on a Catholic, Jesuit tradition and is committed to supporting the intrinsic value of each human being. This tradition is dedicated to providing students with a caring, supportive, and developmentally enriching environment that focuses on the whole person, influenced by justice and love. Being a member of the Xavier University community is a privilege that carries with it responsibility for the well-being of all other members of the community. At Xavier University, all members of the community share responsibility for the health and safety of fellow students and for the regulation of student conduct. The Standards of Student Conduct are designed to foster the ethical, developmental, and personal integrity of students and to promote an environment that is in accord with the values of respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for authority, respect for community, respect for property, and respect for University values - honesty and integrity. Choosing to join this community obligates you to act in a manner that is consistent with these principles. Civility and respect for all individuals is fundamental to the Xavier educational experience. The "Xavier Way" is building respect for self, others, and the world.