Graduate assistantships are a great way to help finance your graduate experience at Xavier University. Graduate assistantship (GA) positions are available in many offices and departments on campus and provide an opportunity to gain valuable professional experience.

Office type GA positions offer an hourly wage and tuition remission in exchange for 10-20 hours of work per week for the full 16 week semester. Tuition remission, hours of work, and job responsibilities vary by position.

Weekend Degree GAs assist undergraduate instructors in the delivery of materials and instruction. Weekend Degree courses are held on Saturdays for eight weeks. Weekend Degree GAs work a total of eight hours per week for the eight week duration of the course and must be available on Saturdays and Sundays. Compensation includes an hourly wage and tuition remission. Tuition remission corresponds with the number of credits of the Weekend Degree course, i.e., a three credit Weekend Degree course offers three credits of graduate tuition remission.

Students applying for Weekend Degree Graduate Assistantships must have relevant experience, an applicable undergraduate degree, or should be pursuing a graduate degree in the specific area of the course.

Important Information

Applicants must be accepted into a degree seeking program at Xavier University to be considered for a graduate assistantship. Assistantship applications from students in non-degree programs and students in the application process will not be submitted for consideration.

Appointment as a graduate assistant may affect other financial aid eligibility. A student may receive more than one weekend degree assistantship but contract hours may not exceed 20 hours per week. Xavier employees and their dependents, and students receiving any Xavier grant, scholarship, or tuition discount are not eligible to apply.

Please check  Office of the Graduate School  for graduate assistantship postings. Individual graduate assistantships may become available throughout the year but the main posting date for the following academic year is on March 1st each year. Additionally, all registered graduate students are sent an email to their XU email account when graduate assistantships are posted.

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