Student Financial Services

Financial Aid Self-Service

What is Financial Aid Self-Service?

Self-Service is a secure, web-based portal that provides 24/7 access to academic records, registration information, financial aid, student accounts, and other university services.

What can you do in Financial Aid Self-Service?

Within the Self-Service portal, you have access to the following financial aid functions:

  • View documents needed to complete your financial aid application
  • Check the status of documents submitted to Student Financial Services
  • View your Financial Aid Awards offered by Xavier University
  • Check which funds have been paid to your student account
  • Review personalized messages from Student Financial Services regarding your account
  • Check your student account balance
  • Review your account for any holds that need to be resolved
  • Review financial aid award history by term and by year

We encourage you to explore Financial Aid Self-Service and familiarize yourself with the features that it offers.

Who can access Financial Aid Self-Service?

  • Current undergraduate, graduate, and ABSN students
  • Newly admitted incoming freshman students who have committed to Xavier
  • Admitted transfer, ABSN, and graduate students
  • Parents and other individuals who have been granted proxy access

How do I access Financial Aid Self-Service?

  • Sign in to Self-Service with your user ID (Xavier email address) and password
  • Click on Student Services 
  • Click on Financial Aid

From here you can:

  • Check Financial Aid Status to view a summary of your award
  • Check Eligibility to view unsatisfied financial aid requirements
  • Check Award to view your aid offer and aid history