Student Investment Funds

The Department of Finance is home to two student-managed investment funds with a combined market value of over $6.7 million. The Xavier Student Bond Investment Fund is a $1.6 million fixed income portfolio managed by MBA students and the D’Artagnan Capital Fund is an equity portfolio managed by undergraduate finance majors.

Student investing began at Xavier in 2004, when the Xavier University Board of Trustees transferred responsibility to manage one million dollars of the University's endowment to eight XU Finance Majors under the direction of Professor Staff Johnson in the Williams College of Business. In November 2004, the Xavier Student Investment Fund (XSIF) was established as a $1 million portfolio of high-grade bonds, managed by undergraduate students using a bond-indexing approach. In December 2007, the Board of Trustees approved the formation of a student-managed equity investment fund (later named the D'Artagnan Capital Fund) to be managed by Xavier University undergraduates under the direction of Professor David Hyland. Management of the fixed income fund was subsequently transferred to MBA students. For more information on these student-run investment opportunities, follow the links below or contact the department chair.