Ethics/Religion and Society Program

E/RS Committee

The Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS) Committee has responsibility for granting, reviewing, and revoking the E/RS standing of courses approved by the appropriate College Curriculum Committee and the Board of Undergraduate Studies. (See criteria for E/RS courses here.) The committee will also collaborate with the Core Curriculum Assessment Committee and Core Curriculum Committee to assess core curriculum student learning outcomes specifically tied to E/RS electives. The Committee also has responsibility for recommending revisions in E/RS policies and criteria that pertain to curricular matters, when these seem desirable, to the Board of Undergraduate Studies. The Committee also advises the Directors of E/RS concerning all curricular matters that pertain to the E/RS Program and its successful implementation and integration in the University.

The committee is composed of nine (9) faculty members: One (1) each from the Departments of Philosophy, Theology and English; the candidates are nominated by the full-time members of their respective departments and elected by a vote of the faculty assembly. The remaining six (6) members consist of one (1) each from the College of Professional Sciences, the College of Nursing, and the Williams College of Business and three (3) chosen at-large nominated by the Faculty Committee and elected by vote of the Faculty Assembly. Terms of office are three years. No elected member is allowed to serve consecutive terms. The E/RS Endowed Chair and the Director of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics are ex officio, non-voting members. The Directors of E/RS (ex officio, non-voting) will serve as the chairs and are appointed by the Provost and Chief Academic Officer.



Dr. James Helmer, Director of E/RS, Chair (x) (non-voting) 



Dr. Laura Carney (Exercise Science) (f-e-22,3), CPS

Dr. Elliott Chen (Philosophy) (f-e-23,3), Philosophy

Ms. Angela Hammond (Nursing) (f-e-23, 3), CN

Dr. Hema Krishnan (Management) (f-e-22,3), WCB

Dr. Julia O'Hara (History) (f-e-21,3), at large

Dr. Niamh O'Leary (English) (f-e-22,3), English

Dr. Matthew Regele (MGMT/ENTR) (f-e-23,3), at large

Dr. Kristen Renzi (RIGS) (f-e-23,3), at large

Dr. Kristine Suna-Koro (Theology) (f-e-21,3), Theology



Dr. Bethany Henning, Besl Chair in Ethics/Religion & Society (x) (non-voting)

Dr. Paul Fiorelli, Director, Xavier Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility (x) (non-voting)

x = ex officio
f-e-XX, 3 = elected by faculty in year 20XX for a 3-year term