Economics, Sustainability and Society

Future growth in almost any sector is impossible without sustainable practices. At Xavier, you'll gain the skills to solve sustainability challenges in economic, social and cultural settings. You'll also get a solid understanding of how sustainable economies work and thrive, including the study of natural resources, social issues and environmental problems.


of students are employed, attending grad school or working in service or volunteer positions within six months of graduation.


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Holistic Approach

The economy should be seen as part of our earth's ecosystem, not vice versa. Learn from professionals in the field who understand that care for the whole planet (economically, environmentally and spiritually) is essential for its survival.

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Making a Difference

At Xavier, you'll gain the skills and confidence to inform and mobilize public opinion, as well as government and organizational policies, to facilitate sustainable economies and organizations.

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At Xavier, you get to take what you learn in the classroom into the world and grow your knowledge through internships with leading green companies in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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Four Years That Will Change Your Life.

Fifth Third Bank Hires 11 Graduates From Xavier's Class of 2016

These Williams College of Business graduates landed jobs with one of Cincinnati’s 9 Fortune 500 companies – all within two months of graduation.

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After Graduation

Students leave Xavier ready to make a difference in the world. Aside from graduate school, economics majors have many jobs to choose from, including

  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Sustainability manager
  • Economist
  • Consulting Analyst
  • Environmental Analyst

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Survey Researcher

Cincinnati More Fortune 500 companies per capita than
Los Angeles, New York or Chicago
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