Economics, Sustainability and Society (B.A.)

The Economics, Sustainability, and Society program focuses on balancing the demands of the present without compromising future needs all within the context of our increasingly complex, inter-related global economy. Students acquire a comprehensive understanding of sustainable economies, including the study of natural resources, plus ecological and environmental problems. Students also gain an understanding of social justice questions related to the distribution of economic products and resources.

The ECOS program integrates economic analysis with cultural studies, global economic development, policy studies, management and ethics. The results are a graduate with the ability to conceptualize and solve sustainability problems. Far more than just theoretical, the ECOS program includes real world experiential learning elements such as field trips, practicums and internships all culminating inan integrative capstone with hands-on projects. And while sustainability issues continue to evolve, it's equally certain that the demand will grow for people committed to environmental stewardship and skilled in analyzing economic sustainability solutions.