Faculty Research

Our faculty publish regularly in highly regarded peer-reviewed journals in their areas of specializations and also collaborate with our undergraduate students on various research projects.

Visit our department’s IDEAS page to learn more about our faculty publications.



The department hosts an active research seminar series, which includes both external and internal speakers. The purpose of the seminar series is to help our faculty stay up-to-date with current research methodologies, as well as to create ideas and opportunities for future research projects. These seminars are open to all Xavier faculty and students. To learn about upcoming research seminars, please contact Jae Hoon Choi.

Below is a list of our recent seminars.

Spring 2021
  • Priti Kalsi, Rochester Institute of Technology, “Measures of Son Preference and the Treatment of Girls in India.”
  • Tristan Nighswander, Reed College, “Behavioral Biases in General Equilibrium.”

Fall 2019

  • Rob Lester, Colby College, "On the Welfare Effects of Phasing Out Paper Currency"

Fall 2018

  • Frank Stephenson, Berry College, "Impact of Large Sporting Events on the Demand for Hotel Rooms"

Spring 2018

  • David Hummels, Purdue University, "Estimating the Gains from Liberalizing Services Trade: The Case of Passenger Aviation"
  • David Munro, Middlebury College, "Dynamic Runs and Circuit Breakers: An Experiment" 

Fall 2017

  • Amanda Cook, Bowling Green State University, "Upcoding: Health Service Providers Responding to Changes in Medicare Reimbursement"
  • Laura Youderian, Xavier University, "Intergenerational Human Capital Tradeoffs"
  • Rhet Smith, University of Georgia, "The Effects of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries on Adverse Opioid Outcomes" 

Spring 2017

  • Qian Li, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, "Dynamic Effects of Consumption Tax Reforms with Consumer Durables"
  • Justin Roush, Georgia College and State University, "Relative Performance Feedback with Scrutiny: A Large University Classroom Field Experiment"
  • Peri da Silva, Kansas State University, "The Political Economy of Preferential Trade Agreements: An Empirical Investigation"

Fall 2016

  • Mark Melichar, Tennessee Tech University, "Does Extreme Weather Stunt Economic Growth? Evidence from U.S. States."
  • Matthew Makofske, Miami University, "The Effect of Information Salience on Product Quality: Louisville Restaurant Hygiene and"
  • Zach Ward, Australia National University, "Escaping the Great Hunger: The Long Run Outcomes of the Famine Irish in America"

Spring 2016

  • Mina Kim, Bureau of Labor Statistics, "International Trade Price Stickiness and Exchange Rate Pass-through in Micro Data: A Case Study of US-China Trade"
  • Erik Nesson, Ball State University, "The Measurement of Health and the Connection Between Health Inequality and Income"
  • Laura Youderian, Xavier University, "Parental Time Investment in Early Education and Its Policy Implications"
  • Austin Smith, Miami University, "My Future or Our Future? The Disincentive Impact of Equity Contracts for Individuals"
  • Clay McManus, Xavier University, "The Effects of Import Competition on Health in the Local Economy"

Fall 2015

  • Tim Larsen, Vanderbilt University, "The Strange Career of Jim Crow: Labor Scarcity and Discrimination in the American South"
  • Bree Lang, Xavier University, "Racial Wealth Gaps and Housing Segregation: Evidence from Down Payment Assistance"
  • Edward Kosack, Xavier University, "The Bracero Program and Entrepreneurial Investment in Mexico"
  • Matthew Lang, Xavier University, "Will Medicaid Expansions Increase Charges for Privately Insured Patients? Evidence from California Newborns"



In addition to the more formal research seminar series, the economics department at Xavier recently introduced a more informal “5 Minute Research Pitch” series, where each presentation consists of a 5-minute research overview by the presenter, followed by a 30 minute Q&A from the audience. The purpose of these presentations is to help our faculty receive invaluable feedback on their research projects that are in early stages. The presentations are open to all Xavier faculty and students.

For more information about the 5 Minute Research Pitch series, please contact Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher.

Below is a list of past presentations in the 5 Minute Research Pitch series. 

Fall 2021:

  • Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher, Xavier University, “Public Capital and Skill Complementarities - Evidence from Indian Manufacturing"
  • Justin Roush, Xavier University, “Risk it for the Brick Set: What can online Lego raffle markets teach us about risk preferences?”
Spring 2021:
  • Justin Roush, Xavier University, “The Queen is Green: Female Corporate Leadership & Environmental Performance of the Firm.”
  • Ed Kosack, Xavier University, “Criminal Deportation Policy and Immigration Back to the United States.”
  • Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher, Xavier University, “Cannabis and Crime - A Spatial Analysis of Dispensaries and Qualified Physicians.”
  • Jae Hoon Choi, Xavier University "Market Liquidity and International Financial Crises.”

Spring 2020:

  • Justin Roush, Xavier University, “Keeping up with the Joneses - An Experimental Study of Risk Taking and Social Preferences”

Fall 2019:

  • Ed Kosack, Xavier University, “Do Children of Guest Workers Enjoy Positive Effects of Paternal Migration Later in Life”
  • Laura Youderian, Xavier University, “Elderly Care and Female Labor Support”
  • Justin Roush, Xavier University, “CEO Gender & the Environmental Performance of Manufacturing Establishments”
  • Alex Palmer, Xavier University, “Migration and Innovation: Long-run Evidence from US Quotas”

Spring 2019:

  • Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher, Xavier University, “Medical Cannabis Laws and Pharmaceutical Gifting”
  • Jae Hoon Choi, Xavier University, “Revisiting the PPP Puzzle”
  • Kan Yue, Xavier University, “Chinese Export Rivalry and Quality Upgrading”