Digital Media Services

Video Capture Request

What is Video Capture?

The Video and Digital Media Services team offers event recording for academia related occasions. This may include recording a class meeting, student presentations, or guest speaker.


Complete the Video Capture Request Form at least five business days prior to the event recording. The Digital Media Lab will confirm your request by email or phone and ask any additional questions.

Services Provided

The DML Staff will

  • Deliver and setup the video camera and tripod in the classroom during Digital Media Lab normal business hours
  • Pick up the camera and tripod when the class is over
  • Process the video, including:
    • Exporting the video (the DML staff will do little or no editing to the capture)
    • Providing the capture to you via VidGrid link


The requestor will have the responsibility to start and end the recording on the camera, or provide someone to operate the camera. Digital Media Lab staff can provide instructions on how to operate the camera when they deliver it, but are not able to remain during the event.

Digital Media Lab is the convenience copy holder under Xavier's Records Management Policy. We will maintain our working files for no less than 7 days then destroy our copy. Refer to Xavier's Records Retention Schedule for guidance on retention and destruction.


Please contact the Digital Media Lab at (513) 745-4811.