Digital Media Services


Located in the Digital Media Lab's Soundproof Studio (on the main floor of the CLC), the lightboard recording system makes it possible to hand-write on a full-sized board in multiple colors, annotate PowerPoint slides, and leave with a ready-to-share video on a USB stick. 


The following video shows the features and process for using the Lightboard. It demonstrates several considerations as well as the features currently available. If you would like to create content in a way that is not supported please contact us - we are always interested in improvements!


The following video was created by Dr. Adam Azman from the Chemistry Department using the Soundproof Studio's lightboard recording system. 


Click on the icons in the following 360 tour to learn more about the recording space. 


To get started, book the Soundproof Studio (which houses the lightboard recording system). For questions regarding the lightboard, contact Paul Weber (