Digital Media Services

Video Project Examples



This faculty introduction was recorded in their back yard on a phone, allowing flexibility and sharing physical components too large to easily show in an office.


This faculty introduction was recorded in their office and utilizes small props to help relate the course to the students.



This Lightboard video was created by Dr. Adam Azman from the Chemistry Department using the Soundproof Studio's lightboard recording system. For more details, visit our Lightboard page.


This narrated PowerPoint uses annotation tools to draw attention to specific visual elements


This Chemistry demonstration uses annotation to show students how to diagram certain elements.


This guest speaker was recorded in the Digital Media Lab Studio and shared with students after editing to ensure ongoing access to this guest speaker's expertise.


This demonstration was recorded in a remote location to show elements that cannot be transported to a controlled studio environment.



This video is part of Xavier's Diversity & Inclusive Teaching Academy, and was captioned to allow all viewers to experience the content equally. We recommend having any content you will keep long term captioned by VidGrid so that if there is an accomodation need you will not have to rush. To view the captions play then video, then click the [CC] icon on the menu at the bottom to turn on the text captions.


This video was recorded as several individual interviews with students in a Graduate program, and then select portions from each interview were combined to craft a story about the program and their experiences.