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Xavier’s Digital Media Services seeks to promote digital literacy through an Ignatian lens across campus, by assisting students, faculty, and staff in navigating a world of increasingly diverse, complex, and interdependent media artifacts. We support users across the spectrum of digital literacy: beginning with ethical and informed use and progressing through the creative production of media for the enhancement of academic, personal, and professional communication. 

  1. Discover: Guiding students, faculty, and staff in the discovery and effective use of new media technologies, including video, photography, graphic design, and audio. 

  2. Teach: Developing and sharing best practices regarding the use and creation of digital media that is effective, accessible and compliant with fair use standards. 

  3. Collaborate: Collaborating with faculty and students to achieve academic goals through the use and production of digital media that support student learning. 

  4. Create: Producing, in partnership with content experts, professional-quality media for enhancing the student experience and promoting academic programs. 

  5. Support University Priorities: Providing equipment, space, and expertise to support growing demand from the on-ground and online Xavier community in supporting the creation of digital media. 


The Digital Media Lab

The Digital Media Lab is under the umbrella of Digital Media Services.
To learn more about the Digital Media Lab, visit the DML Website.

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